"We provide a comprehensive solution to our customers,
adhering to strict industry standards & quality controls at all times


Industry approved, biodegradable, FSA standards.
We provide and pack with Areli labels, clients' own labels or without labels.


  • Baby marrows:  400g, 1kg, gourmet mix and loose sell.
  • Patty pans yellow and green:  Prepacked, mixed or loose sell.
  • Baby gems:  Prepacked or gourmet mix.
  • Baby Potatoes:  1kg, 2kg prepacked.
  • Carrots and beetroot:  Bunches or loose sell.
  • Broccoli, Cauliflower:  Prepacked, mixed or loose sell.
  • Lettuce:  Prepacked or loose sell.
  • Butternut:  Prepacked, 3kg, 7kg, 10kg and big loose sell for cutting.
  • Sweet potatoes: Prepacked and loose sell.
  • Sweet corn: Prepacked, bags and loose sell.
  • Oranges: Prepacked 3kg, 6kg bags.
  • Lemons and Grapefruit: Prepacked and loose sell.

Our products are all delivered with refrigerated trucks. Keeping it crisp and fresh!

Sourcing for specific products
By supporting our local farmers, we enable the local, smaller farmers to bring their product to market. This enables Areli Veg to constantly deliver the freshest, finest quality products to our valuable clients!