Baby Potatoes

Baby potatoes are removed from the soil before they are fully developed/ grown. Due to this, you will find that baby potatoes have a sweeter flavour. 

Baby potatoes go very well in chilled salads. Boil and peel the baby potatoes and combine with a dressing of your choice. For a warm dish: toss boiled potatoes in butter, garlic and aromatic herbs to make a quick stir fry which will go very well as a starch accompaniment to main courses. The aromatic herbs that will go well are rosemary, thyme etc. 

Always store baby potatoes in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and moisture. 

Baby potatoes are less in calories and naturally fat free. When used with skin on, they are a good source of fibre. Fiber is essential to maintain body weight and is good for digestion. It also helps reduce existing cholesterol levels, and are a very good source of minerals like iron and potassium which are required for healthy functioning of all cells, nerves and body fluids of the body. It does not contain any cholesterol which helps reduce risk of heart disease.